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23 May 2018  

 NUI Awards 2018 1/3

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NUI Dr Garret FitzGerald Post-Doctoral Fellowship in the Social Sciences 2018: Call for Applications

NUI is delighted to offer for competition in 2018 the NUI Dr Garret FitzGerald Post-Doctoral Fellowship in the Social Sciences 2018. The fellowship is used to provide research support for the NUI Education and Society Committee.

The one-year fellowship (with the possibility of an extension to two years) is valued at €40,000 (p.a.), and will be offered for competition to NUI graduates conducting research under the broad heading of "The Irish University in the 21st century”.

You will find information on the above award please click here

 Dr H H Stewart Scholarships and Prizes 2/3

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Call for Comments from Recipients of NUI Dr H H Stewart Scholarships and Prizes

The Dr H H Stewart Medical and Literary Scholarships and Prizes are among the oldest awards to be offered for competition by the National University of Ireland. Following a bequest from the estate of Dr Henry Hutchinson Stewart, these awards were presented by the Royal University of Ireland from 1888 until its dissolution in 1908. Since then, they have been offered by NUI.

Stewarts Care in Palmerstown, Dublin, formerly known as Stewarts Hospital, was founded by Dr Henry Hutchinson Stewart in 1869. Pat O’Donohoe, who currently works with Stewarts Care, is looking to contact previous recipients of Dr H H Stewart Scholarships and Prizes: Click for more info

 NUI Matriculation and CAO applications 3/3

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This notice is relevant to students  who have applied or who intend to apply to NUI for exemptions in relation to NUI matriculation in 2018.

Under the EU General Data Protection Regulation which comes into force this year, CAO needs your permission to share your data with NUI so that NUI can update your CAO record to include details of your NUI exemption(s).

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Matriculation Regulations

Matriculation RegulationsRevised Edition
2017 - 2018

NUI Awards programme

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