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24 October 2021  

NUI Awards

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NUI Awards 2021

NUI Awards offered in 2021 include:

  1. Publication Prizes for Irish Historical Research
  2. NUI Post-Doctoral Fellowship in the Sciences & Engineering
  3. NUI Dr Éamon De Valera Post-Doctoral Fellowship in Mathematical Sciences
  4. NUI Travelling Doctoral Studentships in the Sciences, Humanities and Social Sciences
  5. NUI Dr Mary L Thornton Scholarship and Prize in Education


Find out more about the full range of NUI Awards on offer this year by visiting the individual awards pages listed on the left of this page.

For further information on NUI Awards, you can sign up to the NUI Awards Mailing List, contact awards@nui.ie or follow NUI on Twitter at @NUIMerrionSq or #NUIAwards21.


NUI Awards Ceremony 2020

Promoting scholars and scholarship is a core aim of NUI, and through these awards, the University honours academic distinction among its students and graduates and early career academics.

The National University of Ireland is pleased to announce that in 2020, it will have granted awards to a value in excess of €1 million to NUI students, graduates, staff and member institutions across the NUI federation. Most of the awards will be presented to NUI students and graduates at this year’s annual NUI Awards Ceremony.

You can view the full NUI Awards 2020 Ceremony at this link.

Twitter: @NUIMerrionSq

NUI Supports for existing NUI Award holders impacted
by the Covid-19 public health crisis

NUI is fully aware of the impact that the Covid-19 emergency is having on academic life both in Ireland and internationally. Specifically, we are conscious that this is an anxious time for many of our award holders with so many universities, research centres, archives and libraries closed, with academics working from home and with the life of society considerably restricted by government policy and health guidelines.

We wish to provide as much reassurance as we can to our award holders in relation to NUI’s commitment to ongoing funding and support during this health emergency. We have been able to earmark limited additional funding to provide support to award holders where this can be seen as essential.

The infomation below clarifies NUI’s approach to providing such additional support. We will continue to provide updated information on our website as the situation develops.


  1. NUI recognises that continuity of research and study during the current crisis is vital if scholars are to be enabled to complete their programmes within the agreed timeframes and where studies are disrupted as a result of the pandemic then timelines for completion may need to be revised.
  2. NUI accepts that while some award holders may experience minimal disruption to their research, others will be more severely affected. We are aware of the difficulties travel restrictions and institutional closures nationally and internationally are causing for scholars, in terms of fieldwork, access to expert personnel, laboratories, libraries, archives and other resources essential to the research. Other difficulties may also be emerging of which we are not yet aware.
  3. In these circumstances, NUI will endeavour to provide additional support for existing award-holders where this is shown to be necessary to mitigate the disruption caused by restrictions arising from the Covid-19 crisis. Additional supports will be limited by the funds available.
  4. NUI will prioritise award holders who are due to complete their research / studies in 2021 . However, holders that are not due to complete until 2021 or beyond may seek advice / assistance if current restrictions are likely to have a significant impact on the research and / or the expected final date for completion of studies / research.
  5. Applications for support by award holders directly impacted by the Covid-19 public health crisis will be assessed on a case-by-case basis. There are two deadlines for the submission of applications in 2021: Wednesday 31 March and Tuesday, 31 August.
  6. Holders of NUI doctoral or post-doctoral funding who have been impacted by the Covid-19 crisis and require advice or additional supports should contact the NUI Awards team at awards@nui.ie in the first instance to discuss their options. The Awards Team will provide further information on the procedures to be followed when making an application for support.