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16 October 2018  

NUI Strategy and Policies

NUI Strategic Plan 2014-2017

This document sets out the strategy for the National University of Ireland for the period 2014-2017. Having emerged from a period of considerable uncertainty concerning its future, NUI engaged in a systematic review of its role and functions and related to this, undertook an extensive series of consultations across the NUI universitites and colleges and more generally in the higher education sector with a view to the preparation of its future strategy.


Strategic Plan 2018-22

NUI is now developing a new strategic plan for the five year period 2018-22. This strategy will build on the work and achievements of the 2014-17 period, and seek to reflect the views of NUI’s constituent universities, Recognised Colleges and wider, interested parties. NUI Senate will review a draft five-year plan in April 2018 and further details will be published in due course.


NUI Financial Statements


Policies and Quality Assurance


Human Rights Principles and Code of Conduct for the National University of Ireland and its Member Institutions

The preparation of these principles and code of conduct was informed by the growing recognition within Ireland that all public institutions must operate in full compliance with the highest standards of human rights, and by appreciation of the new challenges and opportunities associated with the increasing internationalisation of NUI universities and member institutions both at home and abroad.

The purpose of these principles and code of conduct is to guide NUI universities and member institutions as they discuss, adopt and implement their own policies.



Procedures and Regulations for the Approval of New Programmes and Programmes where there are Major or Minor Changes to the Content and Overall Learning Outcomes

This policy outlines the process for approval by the NUI Senate of new programmes or changes to existing programmes proposed by Recognised Colleges of the University. It also outlines the University’s policy on the use of titles, alignment of awards with the National Framework of Qualifications, credit weightings and grade classifications.



NUI Policy for Quality Assurance and Enhancement

The policy addresses NUI’s statutory responsibility of ensuring the comparable academic standing of all educational programmes leading to NUI degrees and qualifications, and as such can be used to inform and guide the Recognised Colleges in ensuring their programmes meet these comparable standards. It reflects, and is informed by national (Quality and Qualifications Ireland (QQI)) polices and guidelines, and European Standards and Guidelines (ESG) in the European Higher Education Area.



NUI Policy and Procedures for the Approval of Quality Assurance Procedures in the Recognised Colleges

As a Designated Awarding Body (DAB) under the 2012 Quality and Qualifications Act, NUI must approve the internal QAE procedures in operation within its Recognised Colleges (RCs). The purpose of this policy is therefore, to set out the process by which NUI approves the quality assurance procedures of its RCs. The policy also outlines the process by which NUI reviews and approves updated or revised RC procedures on an on-going basis.



Quality Assurance for Collaborative and Transnational Provision of Academic Programmes Leading to NUI Qualifications

This policy provides guidance to Recognised Colleges on the issues that should be considered in the development of collaborative or transnational provision. It contains guidance on strategic considerations, due diligence and Memoranda of Understanding. It also outlines the University's procedures for the approval, monitoring and review of collaborative and transnational provision.



Recognition of Prior Learning (RPL)

This policy seeks to facilitate an inclusive approach to accessing qualifications of the University by recognising that a substantial proportion of learning occurs outside formal learning environments. The principles and practice considerations outlined in this document are intended to underpin the University’s support for lifelong learning within a framework of quality and provide a guide for member institutions in developing their own RPL procedures for programmes leading to NUI awards. 



NUI Policy on Extern Examiners