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18 October 2021  

NUI Seanad Éireann Election 2011 Information for Electors



The legislation governing the NUI Seanad Éireann elections stems from Bunreacht na hÉireann, Art. 18.4(i). The relevant acts may be referred to as the Seanad Electoral (University Members) Acts, 1937 – 2001.

For the convenience of voters an information pack for graduates of relevant documents is available for download which includes the following:

  • Registration/Update Form (Irish and English versions)
  • List of NUI member institutions
  • Frequently asked questions as listed below

Download Seanad Éireann Information Pack for Graduates



What Register of Electors will be in use in the NUI constituency for the April 2011 Seanad Éireann Election?

The Register published on the 1st June, 2010 will be in use.


Who can vote in the NUI constituency?

For the Seanad Éireann Election in April 2011 only those graduates whose names are listed in the current NUI Seanad Éireann Register of Electors, as published on the 1st June 2010, are eligible to vote in the NUI constituency.


How can I check if I am on the current Register?

Copies of the NUI Seanad Éireann Electoral Register are available in the libraries of the institutions within the NUI (see information pack) and in the National Library of Ireland. The register is also available for examination in the reception of the NUI office at 49 Merrion Square, Dublin 2.


If I add my name now will I be eligible to vote in this election?

No. If you apply for registration by the 26th February, 2011 your name will be added to the revised register that is due for publication on the 1st June, 2011 but you will not be eligible to vote in the April 2011 Election.


Can I update my address on the current register?

Yes, a graduate may ensure that his/her details are up-to-date by posting, emailing elections@nui.ie or faxing (+ 353 1 439 24 77) a completed Registration/Update Form (see information pack).

To prevent unnecessary distress to relatives NUI would appreciate being made aware of the deaths of NUI graduates.

Last date for acceptance of changes of address for April 2011 Election:

Monday 18th April, 2011.

Why am I not on the register?

The right to vote is not automatic; it must be claimed. Eligible graduates are required to complete a registration/update form (see information pack) and return it to the NUI office by the 26th February in any given year for inclusion in the revised register published on the 1st June of that year. It is only necessary to register once unless, for one of the reasons given below, a name has been removed from the register.


Are names ever removed from the Register?

Yes, names are removed

  • on receipt of written request by a graduate to have his/her name removed
  • * on receipt of notification of the death of a graduate
  • as provided by the Electoral (Amendment) Act 2001: ‘after reasonable enquiry by the registration officer, whose address or the address to which the ballot paper is to be sent is unknown’. (S. 56)

A graduate whose name is removed from the Register and who wishes to be listed as an elector again, must submit a Registration /Update Form in the prescribed manner (see information pack). Such graduates will not be eligible to vote in the April 2011 Election

* To prevent unnecessary distress to relatives NUI would appreciate being made aware of the deaths of NUI graduates.


How Can I Register?

Graduates must complete, sign and return to National University of Ireland a Registration Claim Form.

Note: There is currently no provision in the Seanad Electoral (University Members) Acts, 1937-2015, for online registration or for the use of electronic signatures. For this reason there is no facility for online registration.

The downloadable version of the Registration Claim Form (below) may be completed on screen using your computer the claimant should then print and sign the form. The form can then be scanned and attached to an email and sent to records@nui.ie or posted to Records Office, National University of Ireland, 49 Merrion Square, Dublin 2.

Download Registration Claim / Graduate Update Form

pdf Irish Version : English Version

Please download the pdf to your computer (right click and save) and complete the form using Adobe Reader as not all internet browsers support on screen completion of pdf documents



When will the election be held?

Wednesday 27 April, 2011, count will take place at the RDS, Ballsbridge, Dublin 4.

The Minister for the Environment, Heritage and Local Government will issue an Order, within a week of the dissolution of the Dáil, establishing three dates:

  • the date of close of nominations, usually approximately three weeks from the date of dissolution, 3 March, 2011
  • the date of issue (i.e. posting) of ballot papers, 21 March, 2011
  • the date of the election (close of poll), 27 April, 2011

Once these dates have been established they will be published on the NUI website and in the national press.

The day and hour at which the poll in university constituencies shall be closed shall be the 27th day of April 2011, at 11.00 a.m. (votes must be returned by post)


How will I know who is going forward for election?

The names of the candidates will be posted on this website immediately after the close of nominations. Candiates’ names and details will also, of course, be listed on the ballot paper.



How and when will the ballot papers be sent to the electorate?

Ballot Papers are sent by registered post on the date set out in the Minister’s Order. Because of the size of the two university electorates - currently 97,734 for NUI, and approximately 54,000 for University of Dublin (Trinity College) - delivery of the registered post may take a number of days from the date of issue. Delivery of ballot papers sent to addresses overseas depend on local postal services.

What will I receive?

Each graduate listed in the current register will receive an envelope by registered post containing:-

  • Ballot Paper
  • Declaration of Identify Form/Instructions to Voter
  • two envelopes

The identify form must be signed by the voter and by a witness and returned with the ballot paper. Failure to return both documents will deem the vote to be invalid. The ballot paper should be placed separately in the small brown envelope marked Ballot Paper Envelope. The brown envelope (containing the ballot paper) and the signed identify form should then be placed in the large white envelope addressed to the Returning Officer and returned by post. No stamp is required if posted within the Republic of Ireland.

The close of poll date will appear on the registered envelope and on top of the Ballot Paper.

Last day for acceptance of completed ballot paper:

The day and hour at which the poll in university constituencies shall be closed shall be the 27th day of April 2011, at 11.00 a.m. (votes must be returned by post)


What happens if the elector is not at the address to sign for the registered post?

The postman will leave a docket informing the addressee that the post can be collected from the Post Office; if uncollected after three days, the envelope will be returned to NUI. On request, the ballot paper will be re-sent, again by registered post, provided the original envelope has been returned undelivered to NUI.  The ballot paper will be re-sent to the same address unless the elector requests a change of address using the Registration/Update Form (see information pack) . This must be sent by post, fax or emailing elections@nui.ie. Preferably changes of address should be notified to NUI well in advance of the issue of ballot papers.


For any further information please contact the National University of Ireland (see details below).