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9 August 2022  

Staunton Barrett, Anne

Staunton Barrett, Anne

Staunton Barrett, Anne

Staunton Barrett, Anne
Retailer & NUI Galway Graduate in Management Information Systems

I am a non political candidate that is new to the political arena, having grown up in a business background. I am standing as an Independent candidate, in the NUI constituency in the upcoming Seanad Éireann election.

I am fifty one years young, a mother of three , and I run my own retail store in Castlebar, I have a wealth of experience in the commercial, hospitality and voluntary sectors, a base which I believe would stand to my advantage as a member of Seanad Éireann.

I was privileged to return to college as a mature student at 37 and obtained an Honours Degree in Business Studies from GMIT Castlebar & a Masters in Management Information Systems (MIS) from NUIG, I feel my energy and experience gained from dealing with the public on a daily basis would give me a practical perspective to bring to Seanad deliberations on proposed legislation.

I have the enthusiasm and passion to serve the citizens of this country by attempting to address their concerns at national level, I actively practice & promote the old Irish values of tolerance and respect for all. I have been involved previously on the board of many community, sporting and business organisations in my lifetime. Too many to mention where I provided new and novel ideas, initiatives and alternatives.


I am a passionate advocate of the value of education, having returned as a mature student I believe it is the great liberator that opens our horizons and a host of opportunities. I Believe Third level education is both a right, and a privilege, and if elected to the Seanad I will strive to ensure equity of access to education. Empowered people, Empower people.

I believe Education allows us to choose our own career prospects. However, I believe education does not have to be defined as a third level degree and we must give equal status to trade and apprenticeships, and eliminate the intellectual snobbery that exists between trades and academics.

Social Media

I am deeply concerned at the levels of cyber abuse carried out on social media and I will campaign for the removal of the anonymity of the internet, where the most vile comments can be posted by faceless contributors without the slightest fear of retribution.


There are many issues that require attention in the Seanad in order make it more representative, efficient and influential. This is my first experience of what is required to become a representative and already from the registration process I see issues of efficiency and accuracy that can be simply rectified with the will to do it. If elected I will be the actionist required to carry out that task.

Equality & Human rights

I would look at how the Seanad can help break down the barriers of access to Education, weighing up the costs versus benefits proposing alternative funding methods if that is the issue, I will look at what the Seanad can do to achieve pay parity between employees of both women & men, and the right to be free from intolerance & discrimination, the world has become such a small place and we need to embrace new cultures while respecting our own.


Above all I will be an ambassador who will encourage civic responsibility and accountability, a return to the old Irish value of Nádúr, where people respected each other, where tolerance was practiced, and where equal opportunity was afforded to all.

If you vote for me in the upcoming Seanad Éireann elections I will endeavour to be your best ambassador at national level. I believe that through collective collaboration the best suggestions & decisions effecting our democracy will be made.

Ní neart go cur le chéile - (There is no strength without unity) or as I perceive it "Together anything is possible".

Please Afford me the opportunity of representing and serving you in Seanad 2020 by giving me a Vote Anne4Seanad, Anne4Action

Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/anne4seanad

Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/Anne4Seanad


Staunton Barrett Anne

Staunton Barrett Anne