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9 August 2022  

Harmon, Laura

Harmon, Laura

Harmon, Laura

Harmon, Laura
Leadership Coordinator, National Women's Council of Ireland. Campaigner and activist for education, climate action, housing, LGBTQ+ rights, women’s rights and health.

Laura was born and raised in the Gaeltacht Muscraí, Co. Cork and is a graduate of University College Cork with a BA in English and French and a MA in Applied Linguistics. She has over a decade of experience campaigning for a more equal society and has delivered results.

She was the national Head of Mobilisation for Together for Yes in 2018, where she helped deliver overwhelming support for liberalising Ireland’s abortion laws. This work included organising a national conversations tour which travelled across Ireland, co-ordinating the Get out The Vote phase of the campaign, organising regional launches and working on the register to vote campaign.

She was President of the Union of Students in Ireland in 2014-2015, where she led the student campaign for marriage equality which registered 30,000 voters in advance of the referendum in 2015. Besides that, she has a track record on campaigning for climate action, a more accessible education system and for housing rights.

In 2016, Laura was an independent candidate for the NUI constituency and polled 5th out of 30 candidates, narrowly missing out on a seat.

Laura believes Senators should be a voice for civic society. She wants to drive meaningful engagements with citizens to discuss how our republic should evolve. She campaigned to save our Seanad from being abolished in 2013 in the hope that it would be reformed - we are still waiting for reform. With your support, we will work to open up the Seanad and extend the franchise. She does not see the Seanad as a consolation prize, but as a forum where she can effect real change.

If elected, Laura will work with head and heart towards:

  1. The abolition of third level fees and significant investment in the higher education system

  2. The protection of biodiversity and enhancing the NPWS capacity

  3. Improved and sustainable public transport

  4. Seanad Reform and extending the franchise

  5. A permanent electoral commission, online voter registration and electoral roll management

  6. Universal free contraception

  7. Reform in Trans healthcare

  8. Increased investment in mental health including community and wellness supports

  9. Public and affordable housing, without delay

  10. A right to housing and ending the homelessness crisis

  11. The end of Direct Provision

  12. Affordable childcare and fair pay for Early Years sector

  13. Introducing safety zones for abortion care without delay

  14. Hate crime legislation that truly protects minorities

  15. The development of a policy for Irish in the education system at all levels

For more info on Laura’s policies, please check www.lauraharmon.ie

Laura is the oldest of five daughters and openly gay. Coming out in college politicised her as she wanted to fight for equal rights for herself and her peers. She believes in a progressive Republic – a modern, inclusive Ireland, that is truly equal.

If you give Laura Harmon your number #1 vote, you’re voting for change, you’re voting for vision with action.

Míle Buíochas,

Team Harmon

Vótáil Harmon #1



“Laura would be a great Senator because of her commitment to the causes and her track record of
mobilising people and bringing them with her. Those are the trades of a leader.”

Dr. Peter Boylan