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28 September 2020  

NUI Grants in Aid


2018 Awards

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The O’Brien Bequest Awards

This bequest is used to support the following Schemes:


The NUI Grant Scheme for Students with Disabilities

This Scheme provides financial support for undergraduate students who have serious physical and/or sensory disabilities and who are in the first year/stage of a primary degree programme in the constituent universities and recognised colleges of the National University of Ireland.

NUI administers this Scheme through the Disability Offices (or equivalent offices) within the NUI constituent universities and recognised colleges. The Scheme will be launched for 2020-2021 students in Autumn 2020.

To apply for these Grants, new undergraduate students should contact their local Disability Office when they begin undergraduate studies in September/October 2020.

In 2019, a total of 62 students across the NUI federation received financial grants under the Scheme.

The NUI Equal Educational Opportunities Scheme

NUI is committed to promoting greater social equity in Irish higher education through securing increased participation in the constituent universities by economically disadvantaged students. To provide further support, the Senate funds an NUI Equal Educational Opportunities Scheme to support students in economically disadvantaged circumstances.

Students cannot apply to NUI directly for this Scheme.

Please contact the Disability Office (or equivalent) in your own NUI institution for futher details.