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31 May 2023  

Other Published Materials

NUI Strategic Plan 2014-2017

This document sets out the strategy for the National University of Ireland for the period 2014-2017. Having emerged from a period of considerable uncertainty concerning its future, NUi engaged in a systematic review of its role and functions and related to this, undertook an extensive series of consultations across the NUI universitites and colleges and more generally in the higher education sector with a view to the preparation of its future strategy.


Human Rights Principles and Code of Conduct


The National University of Ireland (NUI) was founded under the Irish Universities Act 1908 and given its charter in that year. Re-structured under the Universities Act 1997, NUI today is a federation of autonomous self governing universities, having other higher education institutions associated with the university as recognised colleges. All of these institutions have joined together in the preparation of this document, which has been prepared with expert advice from the Irish Human Rights Commission and other stakeholders. In bringing the document to completion, NUI was greatly assisted by the work of an Expert Group on Human Rights, chaired by the Chancellor Dr Maurice Manning and with representatives from each of the four NUI constituent universities and the Royal College of Surgeons in Ireland.

The preparation of these principles and code of conduct was informed by the growing recognition within Ireland that all public institutions must operate in full compliance with the highest standards of human rights, and by appreciation of the new challenges and opportunities associated with the increasing internationalisation of NUI universities and member institutions both at home and abroad.

The purpose of these principles and code of conduct is to guide NUI universities and member institutions as they discuss, adopt and implement their own policies



Awards Booklet

This booklet (published in the early Spring of the award year) provides information on the range of NUI awards offered for competition amongst students and graduates of the NUI Constituent Universities and Recognised Colleges for the coming year. It details the regulations and procedures governing each award available and lists the recipients of the previous year’s awards.

Download Awards Booklet

Minimum Academic Entry and Registration (Matriculation) Requirements (Rialacha Cláraithe)

Students wishing to register in an NUI Constituent University or Recognised College must satisfy Matriculation requirements. This booklet, revised annually, explains all aspects of these requirements. Also detailed are the European and International qualifications accepted for Matriculation and NUI Matriculation requirements for holders of European Union qualifications.


NUI Matriculation Regulations:
Irish Version (1.09mb)   English Version (1.96mb)

Please download the pdf to your computer (right click and save) and complete the form using Adobe Reader as not all internet browsers support on screen completion of pdf documents

The O’Donnell Lectures

Charles James O’Donnell provided a bequest in 1935 to provide for an annual lecture in NUI on the history of Ireland since the time of Cromwell - with particular reference to the histories, since 1641, of old Irish families – the lectures to be published by NUI. The series began in 1957 and continued until 1986, when the fund became depleted. They were revived by NUI in 1999 and are presented in the NUI Constituent Universities in rotation. A list of the published O’Donnell Lectures is available along with an order form.

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Academic Dress of the National University of Ireland

This booklet gives full information of the code of academic dress in the NUI. It treats of the origin of academic dress in the NUI and details the dress regulations required for conferrings and other ceremonial occasions. Unfortunately this booklet is out of print, but a download is a available below.