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16 July 2024  

Patrick McGilligan: a new statesman for a new state

Patrick McGilligan: a new statesman for a new state

Patrick McGilligan: a new statesman for a new state’, was held in the National University of Ireland on 14 July 2022. The seminar forms part of a series of events and publications organised by NUI to commemorate the Decade of Centenaries.

In his opening address, the Chancellor of NUI, Dr Maurice Manning, remarked that Patrick McGilligan deserved his place in Irish history. NUI hoped the scholarship of the invited seminar speakers would demonstrate the outstanding contribution that McGilligan made to the social, economic, political, and constitutional development of the Irish Free State

Speakers included Dr Ciara Meehan, Dr Michael Kennedy, Dr David McCullagh, Dr Thomas Mohr, Justice Gerard Hogan, and Prof Mary E. Daly. The Chancellor gave a paper on what is probably McGilligan’s best known project, his management of the Shannon Hydro-Electrification Scheme. There was much discussion of why McGilligan has not gotten the recognition that he deserves. The publication of the proceedings of the seminar (in due course) will hopefully go some way towards redress this imbalance.

The grandchildren and great-grandchildren of Patrick McGilligan were in attendance.

‘It is time that Patrick McGilligan is brought to the fore in this the Decade of Centenaries.
His legacy is often forgotten, for he made his mark as Minister for Industry & Commerce,
External Affairs and Finance. He also served as 14th Attorney General. He was a true statesman,
and it is important to remember him, and other ministers, who formed the backbone of a new and emerging Ireland’.

Dr Maurice Manning
NUI Chancellor

A recording of the seminar will be available to watch on this page in due course

For further details contact: publications@nui.ie


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