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22 April 2024  

Conferring of NUI degrees in RCSI, Dublin - November 2018


Conferring of NUI degrees in RCSI, Dublin – November 2018

The Royal College of Surgeons in Ireland (RCSI) held conferring ceremonies on 15 and 19 November 2018 both at their own campus on St. Stephen’s Green and at the Convention Centre Dublin during which a total of 1,127 students were awarded diplomas, higher diplomas, postgraduate certificates, honorary doctorates and bachelors, masters and doctoral degrees across a broad range of specialisations including nursing, physiotherapy and pharmacy.

Speaking at each of the conferring ceremonies the NUI Chancellor, Dr Maurice Manning, congratulated the graduates on their success and achievements, saying that their combined knowledge, competence and skills, “will be of considerable benefit to the health services whether here in Ireland or wherever you may practice. You can be expected to be to the forefront in innovation, in improving quality and standards of practice. You can take great pride today in what you have accomplished.” The Chancellor went on to say that the graduates possess the potential, “to make a truly transformative impact across a wide range of our health services – by contributing to the reform of the delivery of health care through more effective planning and management, enhancement of education and training, improvements in quality and safety, the development of new technologies and medicines, and in general improving quality of life for those dependent in various ways on the health services.”

Among the graduates being conferred, Dr Manning congratulated graduates of the RCSI Institute of Leadership, graduating this year both in Dublin and also in Bahrain and Dubai. He said that the Institute’s recent numbers of graduates, “reflect the success of the Institute, but also of the increased focus both nationally and internationally on the building of leadership capacity within organisations, and none more important than those devoted to healthcare. Unquestionably, there is a need for leaders with exceptional skills and capabilities throughout our health service.

Speaking to a cohort of over 400 nursing graduates, Dr Manning spoke of the collegiality associated with the profession of nursing which, he said, “is a core value for NUI across all the institutions that are members of the federation. It is a value that I feel is epitomised by the nursing profession. You operate within a distinctly inter-disciplinary environment, where teamwork, co-operation and collaboration are essential elements of the working culture. Other professions could learn useful lessons, in this respect.”

RCSI also conferred an Honorary Doctorate Award on Professor Sir Stephen O’Rahilly, Director of the University of Cambridge Metabolic Research Laboratories, a graduate of UCD and a past recipient of an NUI Travelling Studentship in Medicine.

Speaking of the Royal College of Surgeons in Ireland, Dr Manning said that its continued growth and the growing diversity and international reputation of its programmes, “is truly impressive. In an increasingly global context for higher education, universities and other higher education institutions continually strive to increase their global impact and attract talented staff and students from all over the world. Always an international multicultural institution, RCSI has had an advantage in this regard which it has capitalised on even further in recent years. I applaud the vision and the ambition of this institution which NUI will support in possible way.” RCSI has been a recognised college of the National University of Ireland for over forty years.

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