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28 May 2024  

Chancellor confers degrees at Penang Medical College


The Chancellor Dr Maurice Manning on Sunday 4 July, conferred medical degrees at Penang Medical College, Malaysia. One hundred and eleven students were conferred, the College’s largest cohort to date.

Speaking at the ceremony, the Chancellor said thatPenang Medical College Graduands Group Photo in his journey to Penang for this conferring there were ‘resonances of some of the major themes of contemporary higher education and society’, such as internationalisation and inter-institutional collaboration. Referring to growing internationalisation, Dr Manning said ‘modern university campuses, particularly those of medicals schools are cosmopolitan places, drawing staff and students from a wide area. Universities nowadays as a matter of policy seek to recruit increasing numbers of students from outside their home country, not just for economic reasons, but also because they are aware that the intellectual and cultural life of their institutions is stimulated and enriched where the student body is diversified. The students graduating here today in Penang have all studied in Dublin, bringing with them their own cultures and traditions. I know that the campuses both in University College Dublin and in the Royal College of Surgeons in Ireland will have greatly benefited from your presence and that the staff and students there will have enjoyed getting to know you and interacting with you. You too have all brought a little bit of Ireland back here to Penang. Bonds of friendship and contacts for future networking have been formed. This is one more very positive outcome of your studies'.


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