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14 April 2024  

Annual NUI Awards Ceremony 2014


Royal Hospital Kilmainham, Wednesday 12 November at 2.30 p.m.


‘NUI supports research by awarding fellowships and other awards valued at over €1.2 million’

At a ceremony on Wednesday, 12th November in the Royal Hospital Kilmainham, the Chancellor of the National University of Ireland, Dr Maurice Manning presented fellowships, scholarships and other prizes valued at in excess of €1.2 million to graduates and students of the NUI. Speaking at the event, he congratulated the recipients stating that ‘our celebration today is one of individual achievement. It is a tribute to the intelligence and creativity of some of the most gifted and dynamic members of the NUI community’


Dr Manning also highlighted the role of the fellowships and scholarships awarded today; ‘the NUI, and each of our member institutions, considers that a key part of our mission and function is to make a positive contribution to the advancement of our society - through scholarly research and innovation, and through new forms of engagement and cultural expression. We are pleased to be able to provide these scholarships and awards to encourage, support and reward students in all of our constituent bodies in playing their role in this pursuit’.

Five Post-Doctoral Fellowships were among the awards to be presented. The fields of research in which the new Fellows are engaged include neuroscience with reference to Parkinson’s Disease, Green Chemistry and solar energy, international student mobility, the poet John Milton and John Murray II the publisher of Byron Coleridge Jane Austen and Walter Scott. The Fellowships are for one or two years and are valued at €40,000 a year.

The NUI E J Phelan Fellowship in International Law was awarded for a project in human rights and eleven NUI Travelling Studentships in the Humanities and Social Sciences and in the Sciences were also awarded.

In 2014, one hundred and thirty students and graduates from the NUI member institutions received awards. UCD, UCC, Maynooth University, NUI Galway, RCSI, St Angela’s College and NCAD were represented at the ceremony. For the first time, students from the overseas campuses in Bahrain and Penang featured among the award winners.

A full list of award winners is available here:  



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