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1 June 2023  

Jennifer Kelly, Colligo – 19 2022

Jennifer Kelly, Colligo – 19 2022

Jennifer Kelly, Colligo – 19 2022
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‘Colligo,’ meaning to assemble, collect or gather.

Within this project, Jennifer Kelly meticulously photographed and noted locations of discarded masks that she found. Documenting these findings became embedded in Jennifer’s daily life as she traveled, amassing an extensive collection of these once worn artifacts over a period of eighteen months.

‘This piece focuses on capturing how an individual might engage in their surroundings as an observer. This is not a project about the pandemic, it is a project about a by-product of the current societal situation. We have experienced this period of time that will always be remembered throughout history. I was drawn to the idea of creating a large scale piece that eventually evolved to become a collection, as I physically and mentally navigated through life during this era.’


Jennifer has recently graduated with a BA from NCAD in Fine Art, Print. She continues to explore ideas and themes around collecting, frequently drawn to objects and places found on her journeys. She enjoys using an array of materials and methods as each new project calls for something completely different.