Éigse publishes articles in both Irish and English. All articles submitted for publication are tendered to referee.

Articles for publication should be addressed to the Editor, Éigse , National University of Ireland, 49 Merrion Square, Dublin 2, Ireland.

Only books dealing with, or having reference to, Irish literary and linguistic studies (Léann na Gaeilge) should be sent for review in Éigse .

Subscribers receive new issues post-free. All back numbers are normally available. Enquiries should be addressed to the Registrar, National University of Ireland, at the above address.

ISSN 0013 2608
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has been incorrectly printed as ISSN 0013 2618)

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Treoir do Scríbhneoirí/Guidelines For Contributors

  • Contributions should be submitted in type (two copies, with double spacing of text and footnotes), preferably accompanied by computer disk, or by email to the Editor (liam.macmathuna@ucd.ie). Headings, paragraphs, fonts etc., should be clearly marked. References and abbreviations should be immediately intelligible and conform to the conventions practised in recent volumes.
  • Style of first-time citations (articles), e.g. R. A. Breatnach, 'Cregeen's Manx proverbs and familiar phrases' Éigse 27 (1993) 1-34.
  • Style of first-time citations (articles in proceedings, Festschriften etc.), e.g. Tomás Ó Concheanainn, 'Bréagfhoirmeacha, tét agus tét cliss, i dTochmharc Eimhire' in Ilánach ildírech: a Festschrift for Proinsias Mac Cana, ed. John Carey, J. T. Koch, and Pierre-Yves Lambert (Andover & Aberystwyth 1999) 169-80.
  • Style of first-time citations (books, including scholarly editions), e.g. Brian ” Cuív, Irish dialects and Irish-speaking districts (Dublin 1967); A. M. Freeman,  Annála Connacht. The Annals of Connacht (Dublin 1944); (subsequent citations) Freeman, Annála Connacht.
  • Parenthetical documentation in accordance with the practice of the Publications of the Modern Language Association of America (PMLA) is recommended in the case of longer articles only.